Restoring Procedures for PocketPC after Hard Reset

Occasionally, if the PocketPC is shut down improperly / suddenly hang up while the only way to recover is to remove the battery and hard reset, you will lost all data stored in the main memory.

If you are lucky enough and make backup regularly, you are able to recover / restore all data stored. The below restoring procedures are figured out by real experience.

Updated with actual experience @ 24/12/2007
added more info @ 24/1/2009

1. Soft-reset the PocketPC again after the PocketPC is resume to the normal desktop where you found all things lost;

2. Input the following info into the PocketPC which should be the same as previous ones: “user name: XXX“, “region: XXX" and “date: use the current date“;

3. Soft-reset the PocketPC again;

4. Start ActiveSync;

5. Plug the PocketPC into the handle;

6. Link up the PocketPC with PC, by using the “normal" cooperation mode;

7. ActiveSync => Tools => Backup/Restore => Backup, select the previous backup file, but do not actually backup file;

8. Restore => Locate the previous backup file => Confirm to restore;

9. Soft-reset the PocketPC now;

10. PocketPC fully recovered / restored.



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