Clear History / Image List Of Windows Picture And Fax Viewer

Windows XP is providing a good tool for viewing and printing images, “Windows Picture And Fax Viewer".

However, after long time runing, it will generate a long list of pictures and result in pretty slow response as this program will automatically and “smartly" reload all images and re-generate the list again and again, especially when you are going to print out the current picture.

The below procedures are workable for clearing up the history / image list:

1. Right-click Start, click Properties, Start-Manu tap and then click Customize;
2. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Clear List;
3. Clicking Clear List empties the My Recent Documents folder.

If the above not workable to you, your second choice is:

To clear the Temporary Internet files cache, follow these steps:

1. Start Internet Explorer, Tools menu, click Internet Options
2. Click the General tab, under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files
3. Check “Delete all offline content";
4. Click OK

Nevertheleast, “Windows Picture And Fax Viewer" is still “smart" enough to reload all “viewable" images in the “current directory" where the “current image" you are viewing is located….no cure at this moment…


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  1. Tim said,

    四月 22, 2009 於 14:10


    Ultimate solution for clearing history in Windows Picture And Fax Viewer


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