Setting up of RealVNC through port 80 and behind router

Setting up of RealVNC through port 80 and behind router

A. Current situation and goal to achieve:
1. there is a need to control the home computer so that to achieve some sort of monitoring need;
2. setting up of VNC server at home and using VNC client in office is not an option;
3. firewall of the company has blocked all ports except http port 80;
4. home computer is behind a router.

B. Procedures:
1. Download RealVNC Enterprise version 4.4.3, valuation copy;
2. Install RealVNC server;
3. Setting up of RealVNC server;
4. Setting up the Router.

More details on B1:
a. By default, the running of RealVNC requires two ports, 5900 and 5800 for VNC connection and Java Viewer (via web browser) respectively, only the RealVNC personal and enterprise version will allow to set both ports into one port;

More details on B3:
a. After installation, start the RealVNC server, right-click on the tray icon and select “Status", then “configure";
b. In the tap “Connections", input port 80 into both “Accept connections on port" and “Serve Java viewer on port", which is requesting RealVNC server to listen on port 80 for both types of connection; (refer to Picture 1)
c. It is strongly recommended to set password for the VNC connection; (refer to Picture 2)
d. for the rest settings, let them as default.

More details on B4:
a. most router will provide a function call “port mapping" or “port forwarding", which is allowing an external user to reach a port on a private IP address inside the router (LAN) from outside the router (WAN).
b. take DD-WRT v24-sp2, the firmware provided by 3rd party organization, as an example. Enter the router via web brower, go to the tap “NAT/QoS", “Port Forwarding", input the info:  (refer to Picture 3)

– Application name you’d like. This is for your own reference and does not matter to to the router;
– Enter the port you’d like to forward, in our case, port 5800;
– Enter the local IP Address of the machine you’d like to forward the port to.

c. repeat the above for port 5900;
d. restart the router (suggested).
e. it is not suggested to turn off the built-in firewall in the router;
f. it is also not suggested to adopt the “DMZ" function, which will put your LAN computer exposed to the outside WAN without any protections.

For more information about port forwarding on RealVNC, please visit the official site below:

RealVNC server setting:

RealVNC password:

Router setting – port forwarding:

FINALLY, in the away computer, start the brower:
a. input the public IP in the address bar:;
b. in the JAVA prompt window, input the same public IP but with “::80″ at the end;



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