Access Gmail Even It Is Blocked!

Access Gmail Even It Is Blocked!

IT dept tightened the control over Internet access? Cannot access Gmail anymore? The below step by step guideline will lead you to a feasible and workable way in getting back the similar function as Gmail (sorry, GTalk is not possible in this way…).

1. Login into iGoogle with your Google account
Don’t know what is iGoogle? Go to the Google search page, say:, add “ig" at the end of URL: and you will see the difference.

2. Sign up for Google Sandbox
Don’t know what is Google Sandbox? Google Sandbox is a platform that allow developers use to “build and test iGoogle gadgets with canvas pages and the OpenSocial APIs. Access to the sandbox is limited to a small number of developers during the early beta period."

With the help of Sandbox, you are able to access Gmail directly without actually login the Gmail webpage. No worry, it is almost “anonymous". Sign up here:

3. Add Gmail gadget
On the home page of iGoogle (, click on “Add Stuff" on top right hand corner of the screen, “Search for gadgets" and add the Gmail gadget. Return to iGoogle home page.

4. Gmail gadget bubble will show up
Normally, the bubble will be showing the latest 5 mails in your Gmail account, click on them and you will gain full access to the mails with no big difference to original Gmail environment. However, the bad news is, GTalk is not available…

5. “When you click on the mails, Gmail gadget direct to new page and get blocked again?"
When you are signing up the Sandbox, you should have indicated the Language. Go to home page of iGoogle, click on the little “triangle" on top left hand corner of the screen, select “Edit this tap". Choose the same language and click “Save". Go back to iGoogle, then everything goes fine. *.*


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  1. 四月 7, 2009 於 14:37

    […] […]

  2. Tim said,

    二月 4, 2010 於 10:00

    It doesnt work anymore…at least from my company….



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